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See What Led Member Of Group “Do Or Die” To Commit MURDER

Posted On : March 22, 2016

do-or-die-all-members-picture-6If you are at least 35 years old, you could remember, 🎶 🎶 Do you wanna ride, in the backseat of my cadi…🎶🎶 which was their 1996 single “Po Pimp,” which also featured fellow Chicago rapper Twista.  The group had so much potential, but just a couple of years after they’d hit the scene, group member Belo Zero was charged with murder.

Belo, (government name; Darnell Smith), served time for the murder of Raynard Pinkston. Belo murdered Pinkston as thet were watching two other people fight. Damm…watching two others fight??? Well it didn’t stop there, Belo had his girlfriend do some dirty work as well. His girlfriend Felicia Hamilton, was charged with two felony counts each of communication with a witness and obstruction of justice.


“There are four total witnesses who say they got paid off,” Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Sexton told the Chicago Tribune. “We suspect they all got paid off.”

Belo’s girlfriend became a witness tampering suspect, after allegedly paying $500 to one of the witnesses in Belo’s case. After reporting the payoff to police, the witness wore a wire during another meeting with Hamilton where he was told “not to come to the trial” Sexton said.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of Raynard Pinkston. The family brought suit against Smith for his role in the murder, after he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in October 2007.

Do or Die, Belo on far right
Do or Die, Belo Zero on far right

Now Belo and the other members of Do Or Die are back on their musical grind. They are recording new music and inspiring the youngsters to put the guns down…a lesson that comes from the heart, especially for Belo.

Let’s all do our job

Posted by Belo Ofdoordie on Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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