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SMDH…Biased Judge Shuts Down Meek Mill’s Request For Bail

Posted On : December 4, 2017

Meek Mill just can’t catch a break these days. As many fans already know, the Philadelphia rapper is still fighting an uphill, legal battle and he just received news of yet another setback. Two weeks ago, Meek’s legal team filed a motion to request bail. But since the latest motion was also taken to Judge Genece Brinkley – the judge accused of being biased toward Meek – you can probably guess what the ruling was.

The Judge Slams Him Again:

According to The Root, common pleas Judge Genece Brinkley is not letting up. On Friday, Dec. 1, Judge Brinkley denied Meek’s request that would all him to be bailed out of a Pennsylvania prison. Since Meek is really behind bars for popping a wheelie, many people have argued that a two-to-four-year prison sentence doesn’t fit the crime even though he did violate probation.

Apparently, Meek’s legal team feels the same way, which is why they’re fighting to get him out of jail. But despite the lack of severity of the crime, Judge Brinkley claims she denied bail because she considers Meek a “flight risk” and “a danger to the community.” The ruling has made headlines everywhere and people are definitely scratching their heads. Since popping a wheelie is relatively common, people cannot understand why Meek has been hit with such a harsh sentence, but unfortunately, it  the ruling should have been expected.

Judge who sent Meek Mill to prison
Judge Genece Brinkley sent Meek Mill to prison for 2 to 4 years on a parole violation and is now being investigated by the FBI.

Not Surprising:

Although the judge’s ruling is quite disheartening, sadly, it comes as no surprise to most fans. But why is that? Well, the judge responsible for the latest ruling is the same biased judge Meek’s legal team is petitioning to have taken off the case – Judge Brinkley. It’s probably safe to say there is a good chance Judge Brinkley will be taken off the case due to conflict of interest, but since the wheels of the justice system term extremely slow, Meek is forced to sit behind bars while his defense team fights to have her removed from the case. In fact, Meek’s attorney, Joe Tacopina has responded to Brinkley’s latest ruling with the same accusation. He claims the latest ruling is another example of “her long pattern of unfair treatment” of Meek.

Judge Brinkley’s latest ruling follows the state Superior Court’s request for her to “without further delay” on the 2-week-old request to free Meek.

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