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SMH.. Former No Limit Rapper C-Murder Hit With Hefty $$$ Lawsuit While Serving Life

Posted On : May 12, 2017


By now, anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows former No Limit rapper C-Murder is serving a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole. But, just when fans probably thought things couldn’t get worse for the New Orleans, LA native, it looks like things have taken yet another nosedive. According to Bossip, C-Murder is facing a lawsuit with a hefty price tag – $1.15 million to be exact. The lawsuit reportedly stems from C-Murder’s tainted past.

His Troubled Past:

For those who don’t remember, C-Murder – whose real name is Corey Miller – was found guilty of murder following a shooting at a Harvey, Lousiana nightclub that claimed the life of Steve Thomas, who was a teenager at the time of his death in 2002. C-Murder was charged with second-degree murder and is now serving a life sentence for the crime. Although he’s been behind bars for more than 15 years, the victim’s family has been fighting for years to make the rapper pay for the teen’s death. In 2013, Thomas’ parents filed a civil suit against C-Murder.

On Wednesday, May 10, C-Murder was ordered to pay $500,000 to each of Thomas’ parents, George and Delores Thomas, in addition to a $150,000 penalty for the teen’s suffering in the hours before he died as a result of the shooting. The amount also includes $4,492.00 for the cost of the teen’s funeral.

The Court Ruling:

According to The Advocate, the victim’s family has reportedly won the civil suit against C-Murder and now, he’s been ordered by Judge Glenn Ansardi of 24th Judicial District Court to pay $1.1 million. Although it’s unclear how C-Murder will pay the costs while incarcerated in Louisiana State Penitentiary, the family’s attorney, Trey Mustian, claims the parents hopes the civil suit will bring closure as they move forward without their son. “For my clients, it’s been a 15-year odyssey,” Mustian said after the ruling. “They’ve been through a great deal, and it means a lot to us to bring some closure to this.”

Since C-Murder has reportedly released four albums since his sentencing in 2009, the album proceeds may cover the costs he’s been ordered to pay.

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