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SMH…Meek Mill & Roc Nation Sued By Family Of Man Murdered At Rapper’s Concert Last Year

Posted On : November 30, 2017

Unfortunately, Meek Mill just can’t catch a break. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. By now, most fans know the rapper is behind bars serving a two-to-four-year prison sentence that has sparked numerous debates. Now, he’s also being slapped with a lawsuit. According to XXL magazine, Meek Mill and Roc Nation are facing a lawsuit over the death of a concertgoer. The concert, in question, took place at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut last December. However, the reason for the lawsuit has many fans scratching their heads.

Violent Lyrics?:

It has been reported that the family of family of Jaquan Graves claims the shooting in the parking lot of the Wallingford. Since Meek is signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, the company has been accused of “allowed thugs to remain on the premises, after exhibiting disorderly, disruptive, argumentative, angry and/or agitated behavior toward patrons.”

However, this isn’t the first lawsuit associated with this shooting. The Graves’ lawsuit follows a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of Travis Ward. The Ward family reportedly blamed Meek’s lyrics for the shooting claiming “the violent nature of Meek Mill’s lyrics attracted a violent crowd,” according to the publication. Although Meek allegedly claimed there were “racist undertones embedded in the suit,” the rapper has yet to officially comment about that particular lawsuit. But there are a few people commenting on the lawsuits – Meek’s fans.

Fans’ Reaction:

Although fans have often clowned Meek on social media for taking so many Ls, this time around, fans aren’t laughing. Since Meek didn’t personally do anything to lead to his latest downfall, fans have actually been defending the rapper.

Check out some of the tweets:

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