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Snoop Dogg Sets It Off On Instagram With Post About Usher’s Herpes Accuser

Posted On : August 7, 2017

Earlier today, Quantisia Sharpton sparked a media firestorm with her press conference addressing the allegations she’s brought against Usher. The 21-year-old turned quite a few heads because she wasn’t exactly what fans expected from the Raymond v. Raymond singer. The plus-size young woman took social media by storm and it didn’t take long for Usher’s fans to question whether or not he really slept with her.

Although most avid Usher fans immediately blew off the woman’s claims arguing the Grammy Award-winning singer would never be interested in the “big girl,” there were others who weren’t so sure after concert footage began circulating. Usher was seen with the woman and he did call her on stage two years ago, but does it mean he slept with her? The seemingly baffling situation has garnered reactions from fans and celebrities, alike.

Now, Snoop Dogg is the latest to offer his take on Usher’s accuser, Quantisia Sharpton.

What Snoop Thinks:

According to BET, Snoop Dogg took to Instagram and joined the social media dragging session and shared a meme about Usher’s Herpes accuser. The meme featured a photo of Usher with he ex-girlfriend, TLC member Chilli, alongside side Quantisia. The meme read, “Usher went from Chili to Chitterlings,” and Snoop wrote, “Did he give her Hershey’s I need answers.” Needless to say, Snoop’s post set Twitter ablaze.


Lots of Snoop’s fans laughed, but of course, there were a few who called Snoop out for bashing Quantisia for her size. But nevertheless, that didn’t stop Usher fans from dragging her.

Quantasia’s Checkered History:

Snoop’s comments follow a massive news cycle about Quantasia Sharpton. Almost immediately after the press conference, online news outlets and fans began digging for more information about Quantisia. Thanks to social media, quite a bit has been uncovered and, once again, Usher’s fans are scratching their heads.

Initially, the skepticism centered around Quantisia’ negative Herpes test results. Then, reports surfaced about her friends who reportedly claim she’s a fraud and a delusional, habitual liar. Fameolous did some digging and found out quite a few details about Quantisia.

“The girl Quantasia Sharpton aka Angel Valentino lied on @usher . I can confirm that she never went back to the room with him let alone spent alone time with him. The truth is the girl is very delusional and she is known for being a liar. Her story about it being her bday is a lie,” Fameolous wrote. “She lied to get into the event and when it was over she went back to her cheap hotel. I have witnesses who can account to this. She lied on @augustalsina as well telling people she “ran” a train on him and also lied about having twins. There was a time when she told ppl she was in a relationship with Keith Powers and she edited Luke James Wikipedia page to say that they were in a relationship. She met some dude name Jon Connor in the industry and got his name tatted on her the next day. On Monday she on was on Facebook begging for money.”


Right now, there are no further details about the validity of Quantisia’s case but it’s probably safe to say more updates will definitely be made available soon.

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