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Soulja Boy And Lil’ Yatchy Throw Shots At Each Other Over India Love (Video)

Posted On : October 30, 2016

Soulja Boy has been pretty busy lately. While Soulja Boy is currently being sued by rapper Skrill Drilly over allegedly threatening to kill him, he’s now currently beefing with another hip hop artist, Lil’ Yatchy.

It all started on Instagram. 

On Friday, Soulja Boy posted a series of pics of him and reality star, India Love. India Love is mostly known for dating rappers such as The Game, Chris Brown, and Drake. She’s also on a reality show with her sisters that is featured on BET entitled, ” The Westbrooks'”.

Soulja Boy India Love 1

Soulja Boy India Love 2

In the comments of the photos that Soulja posted, one follower mentioned that Love was in fact dating another rapper, Lil’ Yatchy.

Word must have gotten back to Lil’ Yatchy because he texted Soulja Boy and asked him to take the pictures down. Soulja Boy ignored his pleas and continued to post photos.

He even insulted Lil’ Yatchy on one of the photos stating that he would knock Lil’ Yatchy out with one punch.

Soulja Boy Lil Yachty beef 2

Soulja Boy Lil Yachty Beef 5

Is Soulja Boy bored? To continue to be petty, Soulja Boy posted on Twitter a screenshot conversation between him and India Love where she denied even knowing Lil’ Yatchy.

Soulja Boy Lil Yachty beef 8

To further add insult to injury, Soulja Boy shared another conversation he had with India Love where she mentions that she’s not dating anyone.

It appears that either Lil’ Yatchy was lying or maybe India Love led him on.

Soulja Boy Lil Yachty beef 7

Soulja Boy threatened to beat up Lil Yatchy and dissed his signature beaded hairstyle, saying he looked like Twizzlers.

Lil Yatchy clapped back with a Soulja Boy diss record that he performed today at the Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, TX. Yachty even gets the crowd to chant “F*ck Soulja Boy”.

I wonder what will happen next? Will Soulja Boy clap back with some music of his own?

Meanwhile India Love probably is on the phone with another hip hop artist and probably isn’t thinking about Soulja or Yatchy.

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