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Soulja Boy Just Got Jacked!

Posted On : January 3, 2017

Well, Soulja Boy is starting 2017 with a Gucci bag full of L’s. Smh. What’s supposed to be a stunt-on-Chris-Brown video turns into a robbery.

— Fruit Town, Compton, California

Better known as “Bompton” in this particular sector, Soulja Boy attempts to finesse his way through the Blood-occupied streets. Well, this antic was directed at Chris Brown, who’s also Blood-affiliated.

The two music artists recently started a beef while kicking off the 2017 season. While Soulja was gloating, it seems that not everyone was feeling his presence.

Honestly, it was all kinds of “foolish” for him to walk around the hood iced out like he’s in an igloo, knowing good and well he was in a different part of the zoo.

Soulja soon realized he wasn’t as “at home” as he thought. Chris Brown must be rolling right about now.

“They say Soulja Boy ain’t from the hood!”

It almost looks like they set Soulja up to fail. In the first video, he’s walking along the streets cliqued-up, maybe 10 deep.

“Y’all know what the f**k goin’ on, man. Fruit Town Pirus…who ain’t from Fruits??…I’m walking through Bompton right now. I’m in my hood right now, N***a!…F**k Chris Brown talking about, N***a?!…F**k Chris Brown!…Pull up in the hood, and catch a fade…”

And, of course, those walking along with him are only gassing him up. Smh. You can watch the video for yourself below.

Warning: The following video contains graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised.

In the next video, things seemingly go quite different for Soulja Boy as he ventures deeper into Fruit Town.

Dude let his cockiness overshadow his hood sense. Had he not been gloating as much, maybe he would’ve seen it coming.

Soulja Boy mentioned as follows.

“Ey, Big Soulja ain’t gon’ catch no fade, ’cause I’m worth too many of them ‘M’s, ya’ dig??”

As more people approach, Soulja starts sounding like Chris Tucker: “What’s going oooon, Maaaaaan!?”

In an attempt to befriend a passerby, Mr. “Turn My Swag On” got just a little too close to one particular guy. That’s when it all started to go downhill for Soulja.

The only thing missing from this video was a woman saying: “HE NEED SOME MILK!…GIVE HIM SOME MILK!”

You can watch the video below.

Warning: The following video contains graphic footage and language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Unfortunately, you could hear Soulja almost sound as if he, himself, was being “taken.” SODMG might have to hire Liam Neeson to find him, if he gets napped in Fruit Town.

It appears that his “home hood” Pirus aren’t as friendly as he remembers.

Chris Is More Blood Than Soulja?

According to Chris, he’s affiliated with Bloods as well, but apparently more than Soulja. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Bloods in Los Angeles granted him permission to use their signs, colors, and flags, even though he’s not actually initiated.

Pretty much, he’s an honorary Blood.

Now…we all know neither Chris nor Soulja are from Cali. But, it seems like Chris has more pull than Soulja.

Image result for fruit town piru

Also, back in March 2016, Chris threatened fellow R&B singer Kevin McCall for having “loose lips.”

“This street s**t is what I’m great at, a lot better than music. You better check the loose lips [before] I show [you] the real devil my n***a. You ain’t s**t, ain’t gone ever be s**t. Broke a** bottom feeder when I busted my a** so [you] could have the life [you] wanted and career. You are your own worst enemy.”

Chris Brown Threats

…Honestly, I just don’t know what’s going on in the world anymore.

ANYHOO, we’d love to know your thoughts about this one. What was Soulja Boy thinking? Feel free to express your comments below.

[Featured Image via Facebook]

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