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[Video] ‘Stud’ Tricks Airline Crew, Says She’s Quavo — Allegedly Gets Private Flight To Destination

Posted On : February 25, 2018

DALLAS, TEXAS — Here’s an interesting situation. It seems that “Quavo” (not Quavo) got the royal treatment from Southwest Airlines. At least they tried, right?

Ideally, if you don’t listen to Migos, it’s more than likely you don’t know Quavo’s face well-enough to distinguish him from a look-alike.

That’s what happened when social media personality Dede Collier allegedly pulled a fast one on the crew.


The known “stud,” as labeled via her Instagram profile, posted about the situation — even managing to get a pre-flight tour of the plane and sit in the co-pilot’s seat.


As can be seen from her Instagram page, Collier was definitely hoping she could maintain her ruse, at least until she landed in Dallas. Apparently, it worked.

Southwest seemed to pull out everything but the red carpet for Quavo’s look-alike, even bottles.


Although Southwest hasn’t addressed the situation via Twitter or Instagram, it’s possible the company was trying to put forth a little more effort than American Airlines — who actually kicked the real “Migos” off their flight in February 2017, according to XXL.

Note: In case you weren’t aware, the source reports that American Airlines specifically kicked off Offset for talking on his phone.


While they might get an “A” for effort, Southwest also takes home the “L.”

If you look at Dede Collier’s Instagram story, she also recorded video after her arrival. According to her, she told the same thing to hotel staff and received more perks.

All in all, the social media personality has gained tons of feedback from the footage, even being called the “lesbian Quavo.”


Well, for what it’s worth, it’s great to know Southwest Airlines is willing to go out of their way to ensure celebrities get the royal treatment.

Yet, it’s hard to say whether they’ll blindly take such a chance again.

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[Featured Photo via @DedeCollier / Instagram]

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