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Suge Knight’s Son Angered & Painfully Fears For Dad’s Health After Plea Deal

Posted On : September 21, 2018

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The son of Death Row Records founder, Suge Knight, is pissed and saddened by what he says his Pops is going through right now.

In case y’all haven’t heard, Suge (53) pled ‘no contest to voluntary manslaughter’ in the death of Terry Carter. His plea-deal got him 28 years in prison, with credit for time already served. According to reports, Suge could only end up serving as little (well, it’s little in comparison to his sentence) as 10 years, due to prison overcrowding.

Now his son, Suge Jacob Knight, is goin’ off about how unfairly he says his dad is being treated. In an interview with TMZ, Lil Suge accused the courts of trying to keep his Pops down, by tying him up in the system in an attempt to ensure that his Dad remains imprisoned for the rest of his life.

Suge Jr. also had another major concern- his Dad’s health problems, which he’s worried may worsen in prison. Even though he views his Pops as a warrior who can withstand almost anything, Suge Jacob is still deeply fearful of the worst happening to his dad’s health:

“With all those health issues, I’m very, VERY worried about my father, I’mma be honest, because he’s a strong dude, but he’s…human,” Suge Jacob stated. “The more he’s in there, it’s causing his health to be f**ed up.”

He continues, “It’s set up for him to never make it out and it’s sad because he doesn’t deserve it.”

Suge Jacob said that due to his dad’s diabetes and his health, “he needs attentive care all the time,” but he doesn’t believe his pops will receive that in the pen.’ See what else he said in the video below:

Terry Carter was the man who, along with an associate, ran up on Suge’s vehicle to start an altercation with him, reportedly due to a prior dispute. One of the two men could be seen on surveillance footage punching Suge through the driver’s side window. It also shows Suge backing up into Terry Carter and speeding off.

For the longest time, Suge and his legal team claimed the act was self defense, given Knight’s claims that he feared for his life. Apparently, Suge and his attorneys must have felt that their self-defense claim was gonna be a risky one to try to prove in court.

Quite frankly, when viewing the surveillance footage of that tragic incident, I actually believed that Suge would have had a shot with his self defense claim, but ah well…guess not anymore.

Suge’s son is holding out hope through it all however. He believes there is still hope for his Dad’s case:

“I just know that there’s still a way that we can probably possibly beat this. … There’s still some positivity that we can focus on right now,” revealed Suge Jacob.

Only time will tell if Suge Knight gets a second shot at beating his charges, but for now, the hip hop legend will be serving his 28 year sentence in a California prison.

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