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T.I., Akon Weigh In On Nelly Rape Scandal, Statement Sparks Social Media Debate

Posted On : October 9, 2017

By now, everyone has probably heard about the Nelly rape scandal. When the St. Louis rapper was arrested in Washington state after a concert on Saturday, October 7, many fans were absolutely shocked to hear about the allegations. After being released from jail with no charged filed, Nelly released a statement about the situation telling fans ”

T.I. Weighs In:

Over the past few days, T.I. has been quite vocal with his opinions. Following his protest of Houston’s restaurant in Atlanta, GA, he also decided to weigh in on the Nelly rape scandal. According to Uproxx, T.I. took to Instagram with a quick video offering his take on the rape scandal. He referenced similar situations involving Mike Tyson and Tupac. While there are many rape victims, T.I. isn’t convinced the woman accusing Nelly is one.

“I’m just sitting here thinking, after Mike Tyson, after mothaf—in’ Tupac, after all the other muthaf—ers who done been with girls and the girls got mad for whatever reason and left off and said that they raped them or whatnot,” he said in a minute-long video. “What the f–k ever happened when a muthaf—a find out that the b*tch was lying my n—-? What consequences is there for this young lady? If more than 12 find her guilty, we got to answer to that. But, if we find out that this wasn’t true, what the f–k happen to her? I’m sick of this sh*t, know what I mean? I’m just saying, we ain’t no muthaf—in’ targets. Get your sh*t together.”

Nah but Fareal Tho?????

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Akon Agrees:

Apparently, T.I. isn’t the only celebrity standing with Nelly. During a recent chat with TMZ, Akon also defended Nelly and insisted that the claims seemed a bit farfetched to him. The “Locked Up” singer had a similar perspective to T.I.’s statement noting how some women tend to target celebrities. “

I don’t see Nelly forcing no one — it just doesn’t make sense,” Akon replied. “And oftentimes those kind of situations you have to be mindful of anyway because people like us are licks for these girls now,” he said. “We’re targets on every level and half the time they’ll set up a charge just for us to settle out. Just so we don’t deal with the embarrassment or go through the process of fighting it.”

As expected, the statements have sparked a heated debate on social media. While many fans have defended Nelly, there are others who aren’t pleased about T.I.’s presumed attempt to belittle the rape of a woman. But despite the opinions, Nelly is considered innocent until proven guilty and as of now, no charges have officially been filed.

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