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Teacher Suspended After Allegedly Slamming 6YR Old To Ground, Knocking Out His Front Teeth

Posted On : October 6, 2017

A New York charter school teacher has been suspended after being accused of slamming a 6-year-old child to the ground. Then, to make matters worse, the child reportedly lost both of his front teeth as a result of the physical force. According to WHAM-13, the incident took place at Rochester Exploration Elementary Charter School for Science & Technology on Friday, September 29. Kia Thompson-White received a message from her grandmother telling her that her son Marlon K’Harii Williams had been misbehaving at school. But she was appalled to hear about the actions taken to reprimand her son. Now, she’s demanding answers.

The Assault:

During a news interview, Thompson-White revealed her son is now terrified when she’s not in his sight. Prior to the incident with the teacher, he enjoyed school, but now things are quite different. “There’s not a moment that he doesn’t want me in his sight now,” said Kia Thompson-White, K’Harii’s mom. “It’s shouldn’t be like that. He used to love going to school.” The day the incident occurred, K’Harii was reportedly alone in a classroom with a male gym teacher. The circumstances that led to the child being in the classroom with the gym teacher are still unclear but K’Harii admitted that he’d gotten in trouble. “I got in trouble,” said K’Harii. “And he slammed me down on the floor and my tooth got knocked out.”

When K’Harii was taken to the nurse, that’s when they noticed blood and discovered his teeth had been knocked out.

Details about the altercation remain scarce but it has been reported that K’Harii had an outburst, yelling and flipping chairs. At some point during the outburst, the teacher slammed him to the ground and knocked his teeth out. Although K’Harii did get in trouble, his mother has explained that he “as challenges verbally expressing himself and that she made the school aware of it. “In dealing with him, you have to understand more of body language, behaviors, things like that,” she explained.

Not Havin’ It”:

But despite whatever her son did, Thompson-White argues that the teacher’s actions were excessive. “There’s no reason for you to have to use that amount of force with my kid, anybody else kid,” she said. “My grandmother texts me and says, ‘We have to go to school at 4 p.m., they’re saying K’Harii was misbehaving and the teacher had to restrain him knocking his tooth out.’ I immediately left.”

The outraged mother took to Facebook the day after the incident occurred and outed the teacher, reportedly named David Michael. She shared details about the incident along with photos of her son.

Thompson-White revealed the school had not given her an explanation for what happened. “No one has given me no real explanation, just excuses blaming my son’s behavior that day,” the concerned mother told the news publication. “I try not [to] even think about it,” she added. “Because it makes you so mad that somebody would take the time to do something like that to my son.”

The School Responds:

Amid heightened backlash, the school’s CEO Lisa Clark released a statement about the incident. “Our purpose is to cultivate and care for the children in our keep,” Clark said in the statement. “We take any matter involving the safety and security of our children very seriously and intend to understand what happened so that we can prevent it from happening again.”

David Michael is currently suspended but it is unclear whether or not he’ll face charges.

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