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Tupac’s Ex-Girlfriend Puts Solid Price Tag On His Eggplant Photo – Much Less Than Previous Starting Bid

Posted On : December 6, 2017

A couple weeks ago, we reported about Tupac’s eggplant picture being auctioned off by his ex-girlfriend. At the time, several news outlets reported that the picture was going to be auctioned for a whopping $15,000 but now it doesn’t look like the rapper’s ex-girlfriend may not be getting as much as she thought for the photo. Instead of the opening bid being set for $15,000 she’s now reportedly planning to sell it privately for $7,500.

More Bang For The Buck?:

Although a rock-n-roll auction house is currently accepting offers for the photo, it doesn’t seem like the ex-girlfriend will get the amount she’s seeking if she decides to sell through the auction house. That’s why she’s reportedly looking to sell it privately. But if she doesn’t get the amount she’s hoping for, it has been confirmed that she will still sell to the highest bidder.

The latest news about the expensive nude picture follows the release of details about the birth of the photo. It has been reported that the photo was taken at a house party in Marin County back in 1990, reports TMZ. The “Temptations” rapper reportedly had a habit of flashing his pals and showing off his prized jewels. On that particular night, his girlfriend threatened to snap a photo of it if he didn’t put it away. Not one to back down, of course, the rapper refused to put it away and that’s how the picture was snapped. But why did the ex-girlfriend wait so long to sell the photo? Well, the value of an item sold in a posthumous auction tends to hold more value. So, that could be the reason.

Good Chance For A Profit:

While fans have expressed mixed opinions about the sale of the photo, there’s actually a strong possibility she’ll get what she wants for the picture. Since reports have suggested that the photo is authentic, past auctions of Tupac’s belongings may indicate the photo is actually worth a pretty penny. Last fall, the famed rapper’s handwritten song lyrics, and Platinum plaques were auctioned off. For those who don’t know, the BMW involved in the rapper’s fatal shooting was also auctioned off for a staggering $1.5 million just months after the lyrics and plaques were sold. Then, over the summer, his love letter to Madonna was also sold at an auction. So, it looks like Tupac’s name still carries lots of weight. Someone may definitely be interested in purchasing a nude picture of the late rapper.

After the nude photo sells, Tupac’s ex-girlfriend is also planning to sell other photos from that 1990 house party. Those probably won’t sell for as much as the nude picture but it’s probably safe to say they’ll sell.

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