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Tupac’s Ex-Wife Reveals Truth About Only Marrying Her For Sex In Jail!

Posted On : February 1, 2016


Tupac’s been gone for 19 years now, and their are still tons of stories, myths, rumors, and unsolved mysteries that become almost legendary. But the thing that’s still a bit of a mystery is his ex-wife Keisha Morris. If you remember, Tupac was only married once. While serving out a four and a half years in prison sentence, (of which he did 10 months) on sexual assault charges, he married his long-time girlfriend, Keisha Morris, on April 4, 1995.

1994 with then girlfriend Keisha Morris
1994 with then girlfriend Keisha Morris

We’ve learned more about the college educated, (Master’s Degree), mother of two recently. In an interview with XXL Magazine, she details the relationship with Tupac. But if you’ve been a fan of Tupac, there was always the notion that he married Keisha Morris for “convenience”, and that she didn’t mean anything to him. Well that’s not true…well not completely true. The couple divorced in 1996, but not before Tupac Shakur stated he married her “for the wrong reasons”, so let’s take a look at what Keisha Morris’ details of her relationship.

“Morris was immediately thrown into the hectic life of one of rap’s most controversial new stars. She married ’Pac while he was behind bars at N.Y.’s Clinton Correctional Facility; their union was annulled 10 months later. The two remained in contact up until days before ’Pac’s September 1996 murder in Las Vegas. Now, three months before the 15th anniversary of the beloved MC’s passing, she has decided to end her silence and tell, one final time, what it was like to be Tupac’s one and only “Mrs. Shakur.”

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