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Tyrese Offers Full Ride To Harvard For 12-Yr-Old Who Defended Him — But There’s One Stipulation

Posted On : November 14, 2017

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Why is Tyrese constantly cashing checks that aren’t his yet? Now he’s made a hefty promise to a little boy…with one stipulation.

When you look at Tyrese now, you probably don’t even think “Baby Boy.” And you know Taraji’s got to be looking like, “Whose mans is this?? This ain’t Jody.”

While everyone’s been ragging on Mr. Gibson, there’s one 12-year-old young man who took up for him via social media. He’s name is Nyeeam Hudson. On Instagram, he goes by @KingNahh.


***Mind you, this kid is a legit motivational speaker.***

Well, young Mr. Hudson basically put social media in its place regarding emotional fathers. This, of course, was after Tyrese posted a public breakdown amid the custody battle for his daughter.

In Hudson’s video, the 12-year-old pointed out how the world is so accustomed to negative images of Black fathers that they make jokes when they see images of one breaking down and showing love for his child.

If you’re interested, you can watch Nyeeam’s video below.

After Tyrese came across Nyeeam Hudson’s video, he made another Instagram post of his own. That’s where he promised to send the young man to Harvard University on a full ride.

However, this would only happen AFTER he gets his money. See Tyrese’s post below.


As reports I Love Old School Music, after several Instagram posts, Gibson announced that close friends Will and Jada Pinkett Smith offered him $5 million to stay off social media.

Whether Will and Jada actually promised him such a thing doesn’t matter, because he obviously hasn’t stayed offline to this day.

***Maybe that’s why he hasn’t received the money?***

If Tyrese is unable to deliver on his promise, will he blame it on Will and Jada for not sending the $5 million?

Check out Nyeeam’s take on Tyrese’s promise in the video below.


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[Featured Photo via @Tyrese / @KingNahh / Instagram]

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