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Gabrielle Union Tastefully Claps Back At 50 Cent’s Latest Shade

Posted On : August 7, 2017

50 Cent is known for runnin’ his mouth but this time he may have ruffled the wrong feathers. By now, everyone knows 50 isn’t the biggest fan of Empire but apparently, there’s another hit show he isn’t very fond of. According to Bossip, 50 Cent took a subliminal jab at Being Mary Jane over the weekend. Like always, he took to social media and fired off with a sarcastic remark but he probably didn’t expect to start a social media war with Gabrielle Union.

What He Said:

50 took a moment to ask fans about the BET show many fans thought would be a major competitor against Power. Although he didn’t drop the name of the show, he made it quite obvious when he mentioned taking over BET. “Remember that other show that thought they were in competition with POWER, what happened to it? I don’t hear anyone talking s*** anymore,” said 50 who also added that he’s going to “take over BET.”


Gabrielle Claps Back:

Of course, the post caught the attention of thousands of fans but apparently, they weren’t the only people who saw it. Gabrielle Union noticed it too and she wasn’t very happy about what he said. So, in true Gabrielle Union fashion, she delivered a response that turned quite a few heads. She took the high road, but she made her sentiments quite clear. “I know that celebrating other folks in now way dims my shine. Keep shining @50Cent,” wrote Gabby.

You keep it up I'm a tell Dwyane, because I feel like your picking a fight with me. He ain't gonna like this shit. LOL #50Centralbet

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Surprisingly, 50 Cent didn’t start a social media war, but he still attempted to take a dig at the Being Mary Jane star. He basically told Gabrielle that Being Mary Jane is good but whatever he brings to the BET table will be great so she might as well step aside. Although he didn’t come right out and say he was taking a jab at Being Mary Jane, it was quite obvious since he took a dig at Gabrielle last month. However, the subliminal insult was slammed relatively quick because Dwayne Wade wasted no time defending his wife.

#DwyaneWade better stan for his bae!! #GabrielleUnion #BeingMaryJane

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It still isn’t clear what 50 will be bringing to the table with BET, but fans speculate that Power could be making a move to a new network in the near future. For those who missed it, last week 50 voiced his frustrations about STARZ refusing to allow two additional episodes for season 4 of the hit series despite its record-breaking ratings. The New York rapper said he might be taking his talents down to South Beach. Although the line is a lyric from Wiz Khalifa’s verse on DJ Drama’s “Oh My” some wonder if 50 was serious since he’s the king of subliminal jabs. Only time will tell what the future holds for Power.

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