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Uh Oh…Drake & Future Slapped With Lawsuit From Rape Victim

Posted On : August 12, 2017

Drake and Future are facing a massive lawsuit for the rape of a concert-goer. According to XXL magazine, a woman was raped during the rappers’ concert last year. Now, she has filed a $25 million lawsuit to compensate for the damages.

The Concert:

On August 14, 2016, the victim attended Drake and Future’s concert at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The federal lawsuit filed earlier this week details the series of events that occurred and how the two rappers are being reportedly connected to the incident. At some point during the concert, the woman was approached by a man who was reportedly associated with the Bridgestone Arena. He told the victim he could take her backstage to meet the rappers.

So, like most fans, the victim accepted the offer but things took a horrible turn for the worse when the woman walked backstage. Instead of being allowed to meet Drake and Future, the woman was allegedly “pushed to the ground and violently assaulted and raped her, shattering her cell phone and causing severe physical and psychological injury,” according to E! News.

In the complaint, the victim argued: “each and every one of the defendants was the agent of the others in the context of the event, and, as a result, each is responsible for the conduct of the others.” It has also been reported that the arena worker had an outstanding warrant at the time of the concert which is why the victim’s legal team is citing negligence for the incident. In a nutshell, they’re arguing the man should not have been employed at the arena, to begin with, because he “would pose an unreasonable risk to others.”

Leary Johnson [Image via Metro Nashville Police Department]

Accused Rapist Identified:

According to The Tennessean, the Bridgestone Arena associate accused of raping the woman has been identified as Leavy Johnson. Shortly after the incident at the Bridgestone Arena, Johnson fled to Florida where he was arrested months later. In January, the 38-year-old was indicted on a rape charge in connection with the incident.

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