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Uh Oh.. Has T.I.’s New Lady, Bernice Burgos, Really Clapped Back At Tiny??

Posted On : May 19, 2017

TI - Tiny

The drama surrounding T.I., his estranged wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, and his rumored new lady, Bernice Burgos, has been ongoing and it doesn’t look like things will subside anytime soon. For the past couple months, there have been numerous reports about T.I. and his alleged infidelity. Since there are rumors that T.I. has been seeing Bernice for quite some time, of course, there’s speculation that he cheated on Tiny. In fact, even fans have been trolling Bernice’s social media accounts and calling her a homewrecker.

Setting the Record Straight:

According to Hollywood Life, an inside source close to Bernice claims she is not a homewrecker people believe she is and she’s reportedly over being blamed for T.I.’s split from Tiny.“Bernice is over people saying she’s a homewrecker and she’s equally tired of Tiny trashing her in the press,” a source told the publication. “TIP told Bernice a long time ago that he and Tiny’s marriage was over.”

T.I. - Bernice Burgos

The insider went on to share details about T.I.’s allegedly estranged marriage from Bernice’s perspective – or at least what she was told. In a nutshell, she believes Tiny and T.I. had gotten to a point where they were only co-parenting and remained amicable only for the sake of the children. “They were just hanging in there together to raise their kids. That’s it. No love,” our insider explained. “No hankie panky. Bernice would never knowingly get involved with another man who’s married and still sleeping with his wife.”

T.I. reportedly told Bernice he only has eyes for her. “TIP told her he doesn’t desire Tiny sexually when they first began hooking up and she took him at his word. Bernice loves TIP. She doesn’t care about his money or fame. You see she’s not out there doing the most and trying to come up off his fame. She loves him because he treats her well, makes her smile and honors her like she’s his queen.”

But Is It True?

In many situations, men have been known to play both sides of the fence, telling both women entirely different stories. But at this point, it’s hard to tell how things really went down. Despite the insider’s defense of Bernice, fans still aren’t here for it. In fact, many still insist she’s a homewrecker. For weeks, Bernice has been dragged by social media users.

Will T.I. and Bernice go public with their alleged relationship? No one knows since T.I. and Tiny are still in the process of divorce. Only time will tell how things turn out for T.I. and Bernice.

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