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Uh Oh…Trina Gets Dragged, Called A Lesbian By Miami Rapper

Posted On : August 10, 2017

There’s another rap beef pickin’ up steam on social media. Most of the time, the beef involves male rappers but, this time around, there are two women at the center of it all. Apparently, there’s a Miami rapper, named Kim B., who definitely isn’t a fan of Trina. In fact, she’s taken to social media to blast the “Baddest B****” rapper in a way you’d never imagine.

Meet Kim B:

Have you heard of Kim B? Well, apparently, she’s an emerging local rapper in Miami, Florida and she wants the world to know Trina is not the only female rapper in the Sunshine State. It all started when Kim B. took to Twitter to let rap fans know the real deal about Miami. However, Kim B. didn’t stop there. She went on to details about her alleged personal relationship with Trina claiming the 17-year rap veteran was once “her b****.” Of course, that part has turned quite a few heads. Kim B. is really claiming Trina is a closeted lesbian.

Since Kim B is still working to make a name for herself, most people would have probably assumed the tweet would have gone unnoticed. But apparently, Trina did notice and she decided to respond.

Trina Claps Back:

It definitely didn’t take long for Trina to fire back at Kim B. The “Pull Over” rapper took to Twitter with a series of tweets in response to Kim B.’s statement. Shortly after posting the tweets, Trina deleted them but not before The Shade Room ended up with a few screenshots.


Trina even released a quick Instagram video firing back at Kim B. The video is still circulating on social media, and based on the way Trina clapped back, fans are wondering if Kim B. has struck a nerve.

Check out the video:


After Trina’s video began circulating, Kim B.’s new girl took to Twitter as well. It looks like the two are tag-teaming the famed rapper because Kim B.’s girl had quite a few brash things to say about Trina. Under the Twitter name “SelfmadeLattie,” she attempted to drag Trina claiming she’s “washed up.”

Trina has yet to say anything else but based on the way she clapped back at Kim B.’s first tweets, it’s probably safe to say this is the beginning of an ongoing feud.

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