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Uh Oh… Yung Thug’s Lawyers Want To Drop Him As A Client, Rapper Facing Financial Woes?

Posted On : January 11, 2017

Yung Thug was hit with a lawsuit by an online merchandiser last year and now it looks like he may be slapped with another lawsuit really soon. This time, the lawsuit could come from an unlikely plaintiff – his own attorneys.

How It All Started:

The Cash Money rapper reportedly agreed to record a collaboration with the winner of a rap contest for WeThePlugg.com. The site agreed to pay Yung Thug $10,000 for his appearance and he was paid $5,000 upfront. However, after the winner was announced, Yung Thug reneged on the deal and never did the recording session. So, the online merchandiser sued to recoup the funds lost plus damages associated with the ordeal bringing the total to approximately $14,500.

Clapping Back:

As a result of the lawsuit, Yung Thug hired lawyers Hayden Pace & Jordan Arkin. The rapper argued that the case be thrown out because the company was only hoping for a “quick settlement,” reports The Jasmine Brand. The two reportedly worked diligently for months building a case, but unfortunately, they also hit a roadblock with the rapper.

Both Pace and Arkin claim they have not been compensated for the past five months because Yung Thug has failed to pay. Now, they’re requesting that a judge allow them to drop him as a client. There are no further details about

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