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(Video) Aspiring Rapper Tries To Get Rick Ross’ Attention By Robbing Him

Posted On : January 11, 2018
Cedric Miller

In Memphis, Tennessee, chicken wing restaurant, Wingstop, was robbed by 2 men that they believe are regular customers. Most of the time, when people choose to rob a restaurant, they are mostly after money. However, when one of the 2 men was apprehended, he revealed the REAL reason why he chose to rob Wingstop.

An Aspiring Rapper Robbed Wingstop:

It’s no secret that Rick Ross is a fan of lemon pepper wings. On his Instagram account, the Miami rapper has posted pictures of lemon pepper wings as well as recorded videos sharing his love for wings. Particularly, Ross loved the lemon pepper wings from Wingstop. He loved them so much in fact that he is the owner of 9 Wingstop restaurants. Of the 9 restaurants that Ross owns, one of them is located in Memphis. In 2012, the Maybach Music Group CEO and platinum recording artist was present at the ribbon cutting ceremony for his Memphis location.

We’ve totally hit the spot here in Memphis, said Ross. I like being able to share my favorite wings and empowering the community with jobs at the same time.

Rick Ross, who rapped about his love for Wingstop and Lemon-Pepper flavored wings on his hit album Teflon Don, has a multi-unit, multi-state deal with Wingstop.

So, if you’re a fan of Rick Ross, then you know he loves lemon pepper wings. Memphis man, 23 year-old Cedric Miller is a Rick Ross fan and an aspiring rapper himself. Because he wanted to meet Rick Ross to share his music, Miller reportedly decided to rob the Memphis Wingstop location. Miller allegedly told police that he wanted to get the attention of Rick Ross.

It’s unclear if Miller was the gunman or not. However, police officers received tips that he was indeed one of the participants in the robbery as photos of the surveillance video were shared. Additionally, a Wingstop employee positively identified him in a lineup. Surprisingly, the suspects didn’t get any money from the robbery. They didn’t even get free wings! Of course, Miller didn’t get to share his music with Ross. Instead, he was arrested where he’ll have a whole lot of time to rap about lemon pepper wings.

 Watch News Footage On This Story Below:

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