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(Video) Chicago Rapper Was Murdered After Making Threats On Instagram About Another Popular Chicago Rapper

Posted On : July 15, 2017
Shoota Shellz

Cedron Doles, better known as drill rapper Shoota Shellz, was gunned down while getting into his car Monday morning.

Here’s What Happened:

According to Homicides Suntimes.com, Shoota Shellz, 21, was walking to his vehicle around 9:32 a.m. when three gunmen exited a white vehicle and fired several rounds at him. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police do not have anyone in custody for the fatal incident. The rapper was reportedly shot multiple times in the face,  15-18 shots. Pictures of Shoota Shellz’s dead body began circulating online yesterday, and his enemies have begin making MEMEs of the dead man.

Gruesome pictures began to surface of Shoota Shellz after his death.

Shoota Shellz was a drill rapper, who earned some notoriety because his dark, violent lyrics often dissed Chicago gangs and other rappers. Among his best know songs was “Death of 150,” a diss track aimed at rapper G Herbo and his “150” crew which was his first big hit. The video has been viewed more than 500,000 times. Back in May, Shootashellz explained why he dissed G herbo and what made him write the diss track “Death of 150”.  In addition, he also shared stories on why he was incarcerated

He recently posted the below video where he says “F*ck 150,” and told viewers that he had “that thang” on him. Then, in the same video, however, the Chicago young man said that he’s decided it was time for him to “leave the antics alone and just focus on his music.” It seemed like he was letting the beef die and moving on to better things. Rumors have been speculating that Shoota Shellz’s death was because of his beef with G Herbo. 

Rumors have been speculating that Shoota Shellz’s death was because of his beef with fellow Chicago rapper, G Herbo.

Shortly after Shoota Shellz’s death, G Herbo went live on Instagram. During his live feed, he was questioned about his connections to Shoota’s death. G Herbo became enraged and said that he had nothing to do with his death. See the video below (skip to the 4:28 mark)

G Herbo Goes Off On Fans For Asking About Shoota Shellz’s Death:

Hopefully some answers surrounding Shoota Shellz’s tragic death can come to the surface soon and the violence can come to an end.

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