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(Video) Too Funny! Korean Comedian Nails Cardi B As He Performs Her Songs In Public

Posted On : February 18, 2018

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Cardi B has come along way from Love & Hip Hop. She has become a household name as she first attracted attention for her outspoken personality as fans love her  “no filter attitude”. Cardi B has many fans and one of those fans is comedian QPark. In case you don’t know who Q Park is, he is known for his  hilarious Vine videos and they get millions of plays. Out of nowhere, QPark will sing explicit lyrics in public as well as dance. Many people stop what they’re doing and stare while others laugh because it’s hard not to. Not only he is a comedian, he is a former owner of a Korean BBQ restaurant and an entrepreneur. Such a successful comedian, QPark booked advertisement deals with various companies, such as Virgin Mobile. Back in 2014, QPark spoke with Allkpop Buzz about the joys of making people laugh.

When I first started making vines, I just wanted to make videos that were entertaining to people. I didn’t set out to be a comedian at all and still don’t consider myself one. If I ever did stand up comedy, the audience would probably puke. Earlier on, I was making all types of videos, like stop motion with a more artistic vibe. Over time, my audience kept asking for more of the comedic videos [so I delivered], QPark shared with Allkpop Buzz. 

Check Out QPark Singing Cardi B In Public:

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