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(Video) Rapper Kevin Gates Protégé, Yung Mazi, Shot & Killed In Atlanta

Posted On : August 6, 2017

Kevin Gates protégé, 28 year-old Yung Mazi, was shot and killed in Atlanta. Tragically, he died from multiple gun shot wounds.

Here’s What Happened:

Atlanta rapper Yung Mazi’s career was on the rise before he was tragically killed. He was an affiliate of Kevin Gates and was featured on his song, Ask Around. Not only did Mazi collaborate with Gates, he was also known for collaborations with Atlanta rappers Rich Homie Quan and Yung Thug. Most notably, Mazi famously tweeted that “God made me bulletproof” hours after he was shot in December at a Buckhead Waffle House. Unfortunately, he was not so lucky this time.

Yung Mazi was gunned down outside of an Atlanta pizza place.

Just before 9 p.m. on Sunday, on August 6th, Atlanta police responded to reports of 10 to 25 gunshots being fired. When officers arrived, in front of a pizza restaurant by the name of Urban Pie, they found Mazi, who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds. He died on the scene. According to police, the shooter has dreadlocks and was wearing them pulled back and possibly up in a bun. He was wearing a white T-shirt with dark jeans at the time of the deadly shooting, police said. Like we mentioned before, this was the second time that someone made an attempt on Mazi’s life.

In December, Mazi was about to order his food when employees from the Buckhead Waffle House told authorities that he was shot in the chest 3 times. He was stable enough to tell police that he had been shot 10 times prior to that incident, including once in the head. Often, Yung Mazi spoke publicly on video about being shot in the past. Comparing himself to 50 Cent, being shot and surviving had become a key part of the rapper’s story. Most notably, he famously tweeted that he was bulletproof.

Yung Mazi Often Spoke About Getting Shot And Surviving:

Yung Mazi, whose real name was Jibril Latif Abdurahman, reflected on his life in his bio on his website. He was a father of 4 and a family man. Not ready to die, he spoke about wanting to live for his children.

 When the bullet hit me in the head, Mazi recollected, it greatly affected me. I had to learn how to read, write, and speak all over again. I’m still not 100% right. I tried doing my daughter’s elementary school homework and it was hard. I couldn’t count money. My brother had to send text messages for me from my phone. It was deep….Just three months into rehab, the newbie was shot again. I didn’t learn my lesson, Mazi admitted. The second time I got shot, I realized that I have to drastically change my lifestyle. I have four children and I have to be there for them.

See Pictures Of Mazi With His Daughters Below:


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Family and friends of Mazi, including many Atlanta celebrities, mourned the loss of Yung Mazi. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family.

My Heart is Bleeding …

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