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(Video) Rapper Twista Getting Into A Fight At Michael Jordan’s All-Star Party

Posted On : February 18, 2018

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With over 20 years in the game, Twista showed fans that he is still the fastest rapper in the world by performing at All-Star weekend. Looking out onto a packed audience, Twista performed a fan favorite, Overnight Celebrity, as the classic violin intro filled the room. It was nice to see him on stage and it appeared that Twista felt good about performing as well. While NBA All-Star weekend is about performances, it’s also about the parties. During an All-Star party in Los Angeles this weekend, video surfaced of the Chicago rapper getting in a physical altercation with an unknown man. According to The Shade Room, Twista and his friends allegedly began laughing at the man when his chain fell off. As they were reportedly cracking jokes, a fight ensued. While the unknown man is seen punching Twista several times and then kicking him,  Twista appears to have the unknown man in a headlock. Fortunately, the fight didn’t get to serious as security broke up the altercation.

Check Out The Fight Below:

Twista typically avoids violence as he spoke about how the violence in Chicago was upsetting to him. Being a native of Chicago, Twista was bothered up the fact that Chicago was receiving national attention for violence.

I’m real upset, man. How long I’ve been repping this city, and right now I hate that violence is the notoriety we’ve got, Twista said during an interview with DNAinfo Chicago. Definitely I think everyone should be a strong advocate for ending this whole ‘Chiraq’ thing.

It’s quite possible that by putting the unknown man in a headlock, Twista was trying not to hurt him by keeping him self-contained.

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