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(Video) WOW! For The First Time Ever, Birdman Speaks About Loving Toni Braxton

Posted On : February 21, 2018

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Birdman is usually a quiet guy when it comes to his personal life. But for the first time ever, he’s really speaking out about his love for Toni Braxton. According to Billboard, Birdman recently stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and, of course, she had tons of questions. In true Wendy Williams fashion, she didn’t hold back, but neither did Birdman. In fact, he had quite a bit to say about the woman he loves. For most fans, the loving side of Birdman is quite different, yet interesting, to see.

Gushing Over Toni:

When the five-star stunna appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, the talk show host found a way to gear the conversation toward Birdman’s relationship with Toni Braxton. When he talked about his recent birthday on February 15, Wendy asked if he spent it with Toni Braxton. The “Fire Flame” rapper smiled widely and Wendy went straight into it. She asked him about all the rumors circulating about his relationship with Toni Braxton.

A couple days ago, his engagement to the Grammy Award-winning singer was confirmed when the new trailer for the upcoming season of Braxton Family Values was released. So, it’s obvious they are together but Wendy wanted to hear it straight from him. When Wendy asked, Birdman didn’t even try to deny the leading lady in his life. Surprisingly, he gushed about his wife-to-be. “T, that’s my girl, my friend, my family… that’s my love, my soldier, my life… She’s my life. I love her to death.”

How It All Started:

As expected, Wendy attempted to dig a little deeper hoping to get more information out of Birdman about the relationship. However, she came up short because Birdman didn’t offer many details. He simply said their 18-year friendship evolved over the years and the relationship part “just happened.” The outspoken talk show host admitted when she heard Birdman was dating Toni, she wasn’t fond of the relationship because she had the same perspective most fans did. To most fans, Birdman and Toni seemed like an odd pair. But the Cash Money Records CEO has a different take on the judgment. In true Birdman fashion, he defended himself. “I’m just a gangsta. That don’t mean nothing. Certified, too, but what that gotta do with love?”

The famed rapper softened again when he spoke fondly of Toni and her family. He admitted that she and her family’s acceptance have been a blessing for him. “For me, it was just hard to accept love from them. I think Miss E, Miss Evelyn, she’s an angel. She did a great job with all her girls. For me, just growing up in the streets, not having the word love, it was hard for me to accept them loving me and appreciating the love that I brought to the table.”

Congratulations to Birdman and Toni Braxton!

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