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[VIDEO] Waka’s Mom, Deb Antney, Drags Bow Wow For Ditching Charity Event, Now He’s Responding

Posted On : December 1, 2017

Since it’s the holiday season, many people consider this time of year to be a season of giving. Although most people celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with food and gifts, there are others who see the season as a time of charity. So, when Bow Wow allegedly ditched a charity event, he quickly found himself at the center of controversy and now he’s being dragged to hell. One person who, particularly, had a problem with Bow Wow was Waka Flocka’s mom, Deb Antney.

Deb Don’t Play:

According to Boombox, Deb Antney was not here for Bow Wow flaking off a charity event. So, she took to social media to blast him for his seemingly careless actions. In an Instagram video captioned, “Liar, liar pants on fire,” Deb dragged Bow all the way to hell for ditching kids.

“This might be one of the pettiest things that I’ve done, but I’m really pissed off. Bow Wow, this is to you. For all of those kids that you disappointed today because you had to go get a shot to go into Canada…Sweetheart, get these stories correct, ok? I ain’t never heard that nobody got to take a shot before they go to Canada. These lies…like the jets and everything else. You distinctly said that you would come and show your face to these kids and you never showed up. You didn’t even answer the phone and at the ending…you told stories. And had your sister tell a story. Then, you came back with “oh, I’m going to try to make it.”

Deb went on to reveal Bow Wow had told her the previous day he was going to show up and he still didn’t. She called out the rapper and told him she would have rathered him let her down instead of all of the children. “You can lie to me, you can lie to anybody else. But you don’t lie to children, Bow Wow. That’s what you don’t do…” Then, she ended the video with a bang.

Here’s the video:


Of course, the video caught the attention of fans but they weren’t the only ones who noticed. Apparently, Bow Wow saw the video too and he decided to respond.

Bow Wow Speaks Out:

As expected, Bow Wow wasn’t pleased with Deb’s video. So, he decided to respond. But instead of clapping back hard, he offered a little damage control. Apparently, Bow Wow claims he’s sick. “Who gave you this info though? Social media?” Bow Wow said. “Tsk tsk…I’m home with strep throat. You could have easily text me. But it’s still all love tho.”


Despite Bow Wow’s response, fans everywhere are giving him the side eye. Since Bow Wow’s been taking Ls for a while now, many fans are not surprised but there are still a few who aren’t pleased with his latest stunt.

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