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Wow, Lil Wayne Wins Tens Of Millions In Cash Money Lawsuit, But Birdman Isn’t Who Paid Him Off

Posted On : June 7, 2018

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — It seems that the dynamic duo known as Wayne and Birdman has run its course. Allegedly, the settlement also contained details for Weezy to part the label.

According to Blast, Wayne is definitely on top after enduring his tedious legal battle with Birdman, Cash Money Records, and Universal Music Group. The source says the rapper ended up walking away with a “HUGE, HUGE, HUGE settlement.”


The Blast mentions that court documents regarding the case — of which Wayne’s attorney, Howard King, filed notice on May 23 — indicate all parties are ready to dismiss the lawsuit.

Likewise, according to Pitchfork, Wayne’s second settlement was in suit against Universal Music Group, Inc. and SoundExchange, Inc.

Apparently, this was originally filed in March 2016. In that particular case, the rapper sought at least $40 million in damages, having claimed Universal as withholding profits earned from Young Money artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga.

NOTE: If you didn’t know, Young Money is pretty much an “imprint” of the Cash Money label, as Pitchfork puts it. Yet, Universal distributes its artists.

Nevertheless, as aforementioned, the notice of dismissal filed on May 25 reportedly doesn’t indicate a settlement amount aside from each party agreeing to “bear its own costs and attorneys’ fees,” Pitchfork reports.

NOTE: Copies of the documents were available; however, since the source’s report, they’ve been removed from Scribd.

Well, according to Blast, a source says Universal wrote an incredibly large check to settle the lawsuit — “well over $10 million.” Interestingly enough, none of the money came from Birdman or Cash Money.

The source says they were told that Universal was “comfortable” with the enormous payment, simply because they feel they’ll recoup that from Drake and Nicki Minaj in the future.


Also, as part of the Wayne’s settlement agreement, he’s officially done with Cash Money. And now, the long-awaited “Tha Carter V” album will released by Universal instead.

Originally, Wayne wanted his record deal voided with Birdman’s label. And, allegedly, that’s where the suit began.

He accused Cash Money Records of owing him tens of millions — including an $8 million advance for “Tha Carter V,” and $2 million upon release.

Well, there’s the $10 million, right?

Regarding the feud’s history, Pitchfork reports as follows.

“Along with the legal battles, Lil Wayne and Birdman have publicly feuded often since December 2014 when Wayne claimed he was a ‘prisoner,’ being forced to stay on Cash Money. The saga has involved a shooting, diss tracks, temporary truces, and suggestions of retirement from Wayne. In January 2017, Birdman also insisted that Tha Carter V is ‘definitely coming out.’ Months later, somehow, disgraced ex-pharma CEO Martin Shkreli got involved, with the federal government asking him to relinquish a copy of Tha Carter V that he claimed to own.”

So seemingly, even though Lil Wayne and Birdman were spotted in March “chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool,” they were still “very hostile” towards each other.

And now, there’s reportedly “no relationship” between them at all.

One thing’s for certain, Wayne definitely knows how to play the politics game, right?

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