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WHOA! This Nicki Minaj Look-a-Like Is Breakin’ The Internet

Posted On : October 6, 2017

Every celebrity probably has a good look-a-like, but this latest one takes the cake. If you haven’t seen the white Nicki Minaj look-a-like, you’ll be stunned when you see her because you could actually confuse the two. For that reason, so many social media users are goin’ nuts over this young lady. Now, her photos are going viral all over social media.

Meet Jaiah Fern:

According to BET, a college student named Jaiah Fern has Nicki Minaj’s fans doin’ a double take because of how much she looks like the Pink Friday rapper. On October 3, Jaiah took to Twitter with photos of herself for her birthday and the Internet went crazy. Of course, tons of people thought Jaiah’s pictures were mind-blowing so it didn’t take long for the rapper’s fans to begin trolling her Twitter account to dig for more pictures. Once they saw her previous pictures, the situation took a bit of a turn. For most fans, it was quite shocking to learn that Jaiah is actually white and looks quite different on a typical day.

Check out Jaiah:

Blackface Or Nah?:

Almost immediately after one of Jaiah’s previous profile pictures surfaced, Nicki’s black fans immediately began dragging her. Twitter users believe Jaiah has some explainin’ to do and of course, the tweets haven’t all been nice. Then to make matters worse, Jaiah is now at the center of yet another blackface controversy. In fact, black and white people are criticizing Jaiah for her looks.



Due to all of the backlash, Jaiah has decided to speak out about the situation. During a brief interview with Yahoo! News, Jaiah explained that she’s “not trying to be Nicki or use her as a costume in any way.” She even admitted that she has never even made an effort to look like Nicki and doesn’t believe she resembles her. “I just did my makeup as usual and posted my pictures and they blew up,” she said. “I think the dark hair combined with my tan and other facial features that make me look kind of ambiguous? I don’t know. My foundation shade has always been the same.”

Do you think Jaiah attempted to look like Nicki Minaj? Share your thoughts.

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