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Whoa! Ice Cube Shares Brutally Honest Opinion Of Drake After Pusha T’s Diss

Posted On : June 4, 2018

Last week, Pusha T. had the Internet on fire after he released his jaw-droppin’ Daytona album. Of course, the album was a banger but what really caught listeners’ attention was Pusha’ diss record about Drake. By now, everyone knows Pusha T. dragged Drake to hell, but as expected, Drake fans see things a different way. Now, a legendary rapper is offerin’ his opinion on the latest beef and his brutally honest opinion might ruffle the feathers of Drake’s fans. According to The Shade Room, Ice Cube has somethin’ to say.

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‘The Reign Is Over’:

For those who missed it, Ice Cube recently appeared on the Sana G. Morning Show where he was asked about the rap industry today compared to his glory days on the mic. Cube admitted he doesn’t believe anyone has the industry on lock right now due to the constant changes in trends and all of the competition out there right now. Since Cube is no stranger to the rap game, he knows about beef all too well. So, of course, he was asked about Drake and Pusha T. Surprisingly, he had a very harsh reality check for Drizzy.

Apparently, Ice Cube thinks Drake’s reign is over. The “You Can Do It” rapper admitted Drake has had a “good run” and he claims the average rapper only has a “three-year run” in the game. We all know Drake’s been around way longer than that, which is why Cube thinks he’s done great. But at the end of the day, he thinks it’s all over. “He had a good run,” he said, speaking of Drizzy. “You only got a three-year run in the rap game, baby! At the top, you only got three years at the tip-top of the rap game, and then you gotta find your place in this thing.”

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On The Beef:

The famed rapper-turned-actor, who has turned his attention toward other business ventures over the years, revealed he hasn’t been followin’ the rap game like he used to be and his son, O’Shea Jackson has been keepin’ him up-to-date on the latest happenings. However, he did admit the beef between Pusha T. and Drake went to far when Pusha dragged family into it. “That ain’t cool,” he said of Pusha’s shots at Drake’s parents. “I’m gonna have to see you. I might have to get a fair one. I might have to get that fade if you go too far. I’m gonna have to take it off the music if you go too far with my family.”

Fans’ Reaction:

As expected, Ice Cube’s words have sparked a heated debate on social media and many fans aren’t agreein’ with the old school rapper. Lots of loyal Young Money fans took to Twitter to defend Drake and other popular rappers in the game today. Fans are doin’ the math and provin’ three years is a bit of an understatement. “He’s off on that one! Wayne had a six-year run (2007-2013) and Drake has been going from 2009-now! He took off to where he is now in 2011 to be real. Ice Cube is REALLY off! Let’s not bring Nicki’s longevity into the argument too!” one Twitter user said. Another user agreed, “Not a Drake fan, but he’s been on top for damn near a decade.” However, there were others who also understood where Cube was comin’ from.

Hmm… Do you agree or disagree with Ice Cube? Share your thoughts.

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