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WHOA…Snoop’s Son He Doesn’t Claim Is Actually Bonding W/ His Family Now

Posted On : December 1, 2017

By now, everyone has probably heard all about Snoop’s love child, Julian; the son he doesn’t claim. But despite Julian’s estranged relationship with his famous father, it looks like he’s finally developing a relationship with his father’s side of the family. According to Fameolous, Julian has been hanging out with his brother, Corde Broadus. In addition to hangin’ with his brother, he’s also had the opportunity to spend time with his uncle, Daz Dillinger. The photos posted on Instagram are telling.

Julian Takes Instagram:

Yesterday, Julian shared an interesting photo. It looks like he’s finally getting the opportunity to develop a relationship with his father’ family. He posted a photo with his brother and captioned it, “Far from average & we only getting started. Stay Tuned #newgen#familybusiness #broaduschoice.” Based on the photos of Julian, it’s safe to say he actually looks as much like his dad as the rest of his siblings. In fact, many of Snoops fans have said Julian bears a more striking resemblance to the rapper than anyone else.

Check out the photo:


Back in October, Julian posted a photo that definitely reminded fans of Snoop. Surrounding by bags of weed, the young man looked quite content – kind of like Snoop.


The latest photo comes months after Julian posted a photo with his uncle Daz.


A post shared by Julian Broadus (@broadus.julian) on

An Estranged Relationship:

Since Julian made headlines, a few details about his estranged relationship with his father have been made public. Although he didn’t grow up with his father physically in his life, he revealed Snoop did offer financial assistance for his mother, paying child support each month. The estrangement was due to the fact that Snoop was allegedly seeing his mother while he was married to his wife. Hopefully, one day Snoop and Julian can at least try to have the type of relationship he desires, but it doesn’t look like that’ll happen anytime soon. Just yesterday, Snoop posted to Instagram and tagged all of his children except Julian.



It’s still unclear why Snoop chooses to alienate Julian but hopefully they can resolve their differences in the future.

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