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(VIDEO) WHOA…Trick Daddy Makes Wild Claim About Trina & Twitter Goes Off

Posted On : February 13, 2018

Hip-hop fans are definitely here for Love & Hip Hop: Miami but many viewers weren’t too pleased with Trick Daddy’s comments about Trina. For those who didn’t see it, Trick Daddy had some choice words to say about Trina. Apparently, he has a not-s0-favorable opinion of the “Pull Over” rapper and fans have wasted no time calling him out for his offensive statement. The social media chatter started when the last episode of the show aired.

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A Jaw-Dropping Moment:

According to Kissy Denise, a clip from the recent episode of L&HH captured Trick Daddy and his wife Joy, who also happens to be Trina’s cousin, talkin’ about her. Apparently, Trick Daddy wasn’t pleased with his wife asking her friend Dawn for advice. It’s no secret Joy wants a divorce but Trick’s problem centers around the fact that she’s seeking advice from Dawn and “The Baddest B***h” rapper. Trick Daddy blasted both women calling them h**s in the rap game. “You got Trina and Dawn representing you?” he says. “The two biggest h**s in the game?”


For most fans, it was definitely an awkward silence moment and most took to social media to share their reactions to all of the drama. Since most fans thought Trina and Trick Daddy were relatively close based on the Slip-N-Slide era of their careers back in the late 90s, the comes came as a surprise to most fans.

Tables Turned:

Although Trick Daddy is entitled to his opinion, fans weren’t here for him dragging Trina. In fact, many fans took to social media and turned the tables after the episode aired. Now Trick Daddy is the one gettin’ dragged. Many fans insist the comments about Trina were highly disrespectful. In fact, some fans have used the moment as an opportunity to point out the rapper’s flaws.



What do you think about Trick Daddy’s comments? Share your thoughts.

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