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Wow! Andre’ 3000 Revealed Why Keisha Epps (Of Total) Led Him Into Deep Depression

Posted On : October 4, 2017

Remember Keisha from the Bad Boy group Total? Many fans of the 90’s group probably had no idea she was romantically involved with a legendary rapper by the name of Andre’ 3000.

R&B Group Total, (l to r) Keisha, Kima, Pam

Yep, he’s one most people have admired for many years and he’s responsible for some of the biggest hit records and albums in rap. However, he said Keisha is responsible for seriously breaking his heart. 

It All Started When He Was Recording His 1st Album

With six Grammys, millions of records sold and even a diamond album under his belt (diamond=a 10 million selling album), this cat has definitely earned his titles as one of the most respected rappers in the game, not just among his fans, but also his fellow rappers.

Andre 3000

Keisha was once in a committed relationship with Andre 3000 of the rap group, OutKast. They met around the time OutKast was recording their first album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. In fact, the relationship was so serious, Andre revealed he battled severe depression following the breakup and became celibate for almost an ENTIRE YEAR! 

Then he met his now ex-girlfriend, Erykah Badu, but admitted that he was never really over the heartbreak Keisha caused him at that time.

“I Was Really F*ked Up”

In a  interview with Vibe magazine, Andre (referred to as Dre in the article) shared details about the relationship. He also revealed that parts of his his multi-platinum selling album, “Love Below”, was loosely based off of some things he went through with Keisha and a couple of his other exes. Check out excerpts of his Vibe interview below:

Vibe: So you’ve had your heart broken before?
Dre: Yeah. Twice. Once in high school, one right around the fist album.

Vibe: How did you overcome that?
Dre: Actually, I didn’t. I keep a lot of sh*t inside. I think I just move on to the next girl.

Vibe: Are you still in touch with these loves lost?
Dre: Well, the first one, I saw her at a part maybe, like, two months ago. But I’m waaay over that. The second one was, you remember the group Total? Keisha? We used to be together back in ’93-before they were Total-Total. When she broke up with me, I was almost celibate for about a year. I was really fu*ked up over it. And that’s right before I met Erykah.

Vibe: So there’s still hope?
Dre: Yeah, there’s always hope. But I’m gonna have to be completely struck crazy for me to get married. I don’t even know what love is really. It’s just some word people keep using. Now I’m kinda just floating’ you know? Single. I enjoy being singe. I want to be stable.But then I was thinking, if I was stable, would life be boring?

Both Andre 3K & Keisha Moved On YEARS Ago

With time, Andre was able to move past his heartbreaks and even though he and Erykah Badu’s relationship didn’t lead to the happy ending most fans expected, they did have a son together and are still very close friends. Now, Andre is said to have a new woman in his life and her name is Dominique Maldonado. She works behind the scenes of the music industry reportedly as a manager for Tribe Called Quest rapper, Q-Tip, and others.


Last year (2016), it was rumored that the two were engaged. Although the engagement rumors are NOT true, they are reportedly in a happy relationship.

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Andre 3000 isn’t the only person who’s moved on. Keisha is happily married to her husband of almost 11 years, actor Omar Epps. 

And there ya’ have it family, alls well, that ends well. It’s good to see Andre 3K and Keisha are both happy now.

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