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WOW… U Won’t Believe What Safaree Had To Say About Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Breakup

Posted On : January 6, 2017

By now, everyone knows Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are no more. For those who missed it, the two decided to go their separate ways. Although the reason for the breakup has yet to be confirmed, there’s chatter about Meek Mill’s alleged cheating.

According to numerous reports, the Philadelphia native just couldn’t stop cheating. So, who’s the other woman? Apparently, her name is Sonye – a Philadelphia-based boutique owner Meek Mill is said to be addicted to. He’s reportedly been cheating on Nicki with Sonye for quite some time and now the Pink Friday rapper is over it. Like many fans, Safaree has quite a bit to say.


Does He Want That Ole Thing Back?:

Since Nicki and Meek officially announced their break-up, Safaree has had a few salty comments that have fans wondering if the Love and Hip Hop star wants Nicki back. In fact, one of the comments, in particular, turned lots of heads.

Although the tweet doesn’t say much, fans still noticed the shade. Since it was posted the day Nicki and Meek’s breakup was confirmed, fans are convinced he was taking a jab at his ex.

Will Safaree Get A Second Chance?:

In addition to the tweet, an insider has shared details about Safaree’s thoughts of Nicki. According to TMZ insider, Safaree is “open to rekindling things” and “never stopped loving Nicki.” The insider also claimed Safaree believes Nicki and Meek’s relationship faltered because Meek was no longer beneficial to her career.

Everyone knows Meek took L’s left and right in 2016 and many of the rapper’s songs fell flat. The insider claims Nicki may have gotten tired of Meek because his ghostwriting skills couldn’t compare to Safaree’s. Could that be part of the reason for the breakup? At this point, no one knows why Nicki and Meek split and only time will tell if she’s really willing to give Safaree another chance.

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