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WTF?!? Man Murders Side Chick So His Wife Wouldn’t Find…

Posted On : April 16, 2016

Dr. Tisa Denise Kelly-sidepiece-4This is a sad, but true story about the extreme reality of secret relationships & affairs. In the rap community, the side-chick thing is being glorified and even glamorized, and now it’s even a goal that we see many of these wanna-be Instagram models aiming to be. But in the words of Drake, you will never be more than just second.

This is dedicated to all the side pieces
I know you’ll never be more
And you’ll always be less
But there’s comfort in knowing that you’re ok being second

This victim in this story was surprisingly a professional in her field, a doctor, but yet she found herself as the side-piece in a relationship that turned deadly. Prayers out to her family, and we hope justice is served. This is the story according to the NYPost:

A Brooklyn man was so scared that his wife would catch him with his girlfriend that he stabbed his secret lover to death when she wouldn’t leave his home, police sources said Sunday.

Daniel Romain, 33, violently fought with girlfriend Tisa Kelly, 46, to leave his apartment on East 95th Street before his wife came home Saturday afternoon, the sources said.




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